Water Conversation

In the entire course of the survival and development of human beings, water always plays a special role. Therefore, with the awareness that freshwater resources are not endless, Ajinomoto Vietnam Company has set the conservation of water resources as one of the top environmental goals, closely following the principle of The Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Values - ASV.

Each year, the Ajinomoto Vietnam Factory located in Bien Hoa uses a large amount of fresh water from the Dong Nai River for its production activities. More accurately, the usage volume is estimated at 5,500 m3/day and night, which is equivalent to about 2,007,500 m3/year.


1. Reducing the use of water from Dong Nai river:
An important goal that Ajinomoto Vietnam prioritizes is to promote the reduction of the use of natural water for production. To realize this, the Company has invested in building a system of cooling towers and separate water reservoirs within the factory premises, in order to make use of a water-circulating mechanism for cooling down the machinery system. This has helped the Company reduce river water consumption for production (As of 2018, the amount of river water consumption has decreased by 84.5%)
Understanding that wastewater that meets Vietnamese standards after treatment is a reusable resource, we have taken advantage of this water for a number of side activities such as cleaning the floor or the toilet system in the factory. By reusing this treated wastewater, it is estimated that our factory can save up to 2,400 m3/month (until 6/2023) of clean water, making a significant contribution to preserving water sources in nature.



Cooling tower system at Ajinomoto Bien Hoa factory

2. Ensuring the quality of wastewater discharged into the river:
The factory has invested more than 100 billion VND to upgrade the modern centralized wastewater treatment system applying modern microbiological treatment technology to deal with wastewater generated from production activities and daily life. 

The system has a maximum processing capacity of 3,400 m3/day and is always closely monitored and operated by the station's staff. At the same time, the quality control parameters of wastewater after treatment are automatically and continuously managed by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Dong Nai province, in order to ensure that the treated wastewater discharged into the Dong Nai River always meets QCVN 40:2011/BTNMT standard A of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in addition to internal strict requirements of the Ajinomoto Group itself.


The water treatment system is invested with a total capital of more than 100 billion VND, with a treatment capacity of 3,400 m3.