Mayonnaise Aji-mayo®


Aji-mayo® is a sauce with versatile uses that have a harmonious fatty and sour taste, suitable for many Vietnamese family dishes such as dipping, coating, mixing. 

Fresh chicken eggs is the main ingredients of Aji-Mayo® and A section in the packaging line of  Aji-Mayo®

With an improved formula, Aji-mayo® brings unexpected deliciousness to family meals, helping children eat more vegetables.

Tube form with convenient "double function cap" helps mom decorate dishes easily and creatively.


Storage instructions:

- Before opening: Keep in a cool place, avoid sunlight. 

- After opening: Store in the refrigerator (5°C ~ 15°C) and should be used within one month.


Instructions for use:

Use for dipping, coating, mixing dishes


For Customers that are Professional Chefs, Aji-mayo® is available in large weights (SKUs) with the following expiry and packing manner:







In addition, Aji-mayo® is available in other weights (SKUs) for consumers: bag 15g and tube (130g, 260g, 430g)


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