Aji-ngon® Chicken


Local chicken, rich in flavor

The production process of meat and bone extract from chicken bones and meat at Aji-ngon® factory according to modern Japanese technology creates Aji-ngon® Chicken with rich flavor, is the perfect solution for professional chefs to prepare dishes with scrumptious taste. 


Chicken will be stewed after inspection
Chicken is put into the pot to stew at Ajinomoto Long Thanh












18 months from production date


Storage instructions: 

Store in a cool and dry place Store in a jar with a tight-fitting cap or seal the bag tightly after each use


Instructions for use:

Used for rice, hot pot, grilled, soup dishes (1 teaspoon ~ 4 g seasoning seeds)


Packing manner: 

3kg x 6 bags/carton (18kg)

In addition, Aji-ngon® Chicken is available in other weights (SKUs) for customers: 50g, 200g and 900g


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