Aji-ngon® Pork


Sweet bone meat
The process of stewing bones and meat at the Aji-ngon® factory using modern Japanese technology, which helps to fully extract the essence from the tubular bone, marrow, and pork, creating Aji-ngon® Pork - sweet bone meat, adds a rich taste to every dish and is the perfect solution for professional chefs to prepare dishes with a scrumptious taste.


Granulation process of Aji-ngon® Pork at Ajinomoto Long Thanh
Selects the qualified materials of bone, marrow, and pork at
Ajinomoto Long Thanh Factory















18 months from production date


Storage instructions: 
Store in a cool and dry place
Store in a jar with a tight-fitting cap or seal the bag tightly after each use


Instructions for use:
Used for soups, braised, fried, stir-fried (1 teaspoon ~ 4 g seasoning seeds)

For Customers that are Professional Chefs, Aji-ngon® Pork is available in large weights (SKUs) with the following packing manner:



In addition,  Aji-ngon® Pork is available in other weights (SKUs) for consumers: 55g, 170g and 400g.


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