Base seasoning for noodle soup


Base seasoning for noodle soup from Ajinomoto Vietnam Co,. Ltd. made from the extraction of pork meat and bone with other seasonings can keep the mouthfeel (*) and enhance meaty flavor for soup stock. This base seasoning not only provides a well-balanced taste for a variety of noodle menus such as Hủ tiếu, Phở, Bún... but also helps to reduce 10 % pork bone & meat materials (**).


(*) Mouthfeel from bone & meat is the deliciousness brought by the way you feel every typical taste of a product.

 (**) According to a market research conducted in 09/2023 by Intage Vietnam Company, with same simmering method, decreasing 10 % of bone & meat and using the “Base seasoning for noodle soup of Ajinomoto Vietnam Co., Ltd.” in soup stock have on par overall liking score of quality evaluation in terms of taste & aroma compared to the soup stock made from 100 % bone & meat.

Storage instructions:

- Keep in a dry, cool place.

- Store in a sealed jar or seal the bag after each use..

Instructions for use:
- Used to cook soup stock for noodle soup dishes such as Noodles, Pho, Vermicelli, etc.

(1 coffeespoon ~ 3 g Base seasoning for noodle soup)


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