“Phu Si" soy sauce


“Phu Si" soy sauce using kiage - which is naturally fermented for over 3 months according to traditional Japanese technology, creating an excellent dipping seasoning, bringing a rich taste to all vegetables.


Soybean is the main ingredient to produce "Phu Si"
Soybean is the main ingredient to produce "Phu Si"
















17 months from production date


Storage instructions: 

Store in a cool and dry place Close the cap tightly after use


Instructions for use: 

Used for dipping, stocking, stir-frying... Can be used for either vegetarian or non vegetarian meal


For Customers that are Professional Chefs, “Phu Si" soy sauce is available in large weights (SKUs) with the following packing manner:









In addition, "Phu Si" Soy Sauce is available in 240ml weight (SKU) for consumers.


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