Our Lasting Ideal

To create good, affordable seasonings and turn simple but nutritious fare into delicacies.


These are the words of Dr. Kikunae Ikeda, the Japanese scientist who discovered the taste umami over a century ago. Ikeda determined that the main component of umami is glutamic acid, one of the amino acids. Ikeda’s desire to improve diets in Japan at the time, and his wish “to make simple food a bit more tasty,” led to the invention of the umami seasoning AJI-NO-MOTO® that enhances the deliciousness of ingredients.



Our original ideal spreads to the world.


The world now has various food challenges, individual to different countries, such as undernutrition and overnutrition.


Here too our thinking remains resolute: “Based on a firm understanding of the dietary habits of each country, to provide deliciousness that supports daily health.”

Eating brings nourishment not only to the body but to the mind. Food made for family members enriches life, and conversation at the dining table deepens their bonds.


We will create the joy of cooking and eating together, and will foster vitality for tomorrow.



Beyond food, our pursuit of amino acids is also making life more comfortable.


For example, amino acids that develop muscles support elderly people who are concerned about the lessening of muscular strength, and help improve the performance of athletes.


It has been shown that amino acids can improve sleep quality. In recent years, the products and services we offer have increased to areas such as sleep improvement as we continue to expand the possibilities of amino acids.

We face each diverse problem around the world one by one, straightforwardly, with a spirit of inquiry in mind, repeating trials and learning every day until the issue is resolved.



To contribute to greater wellness for people worldwide,unlocking the power of amino acids.


That is the wish of the Ajinomoto Group, and it is our promise to fulfill.