Food Processing Engineer

With the mission of bringing the happiness and good health of Vietnamese people through food culture and food resources development, after 30 years, Ajinomoto Vietnam has always strived to provide diverse products of the highest quality and safety that suit the taste of Vietnamese consumers, besides creating a friendly and cooperative working environment in which individual values are appreciated. "We respect the humanity of all the people involved in the Ajinomoto Group’s business and hopefully become an organization where they can grow and develop their abilities to the fullest".

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- Make Lab. BP(Bench Plant), CP (Commercial Plant) test basic plan and brush up them with Superiors supporting;

- Conduct Lab. BP. CP test and make technical report;

- Investigate and gather information on new technologies and food processing machines that fit the process development;

- Communicate machine vendors to brush up the machine specification;

- Study new factory layout with process modification based on Food GMP requirement;

- Make weekly, monthly report of assigned theme;

- Prepare Assessment 3&4 data and document of assigned theme;

- Support information and data gathering which is ordered from Superiors;

- Support ISO 9001 system which is requested from Superiors.



- Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering, Food Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering or related majors;

- Be proficient in English and Microsoft Office;

- Have technical skills and knowledge in:

+ Powder seasoning and liquid seasoning production process (mixing, packing);

+ Food GMP, and related company regulation or requirement procedure such as Vietnam law, ASQUA, and Assessment;

+ Raw material characteristic and its impact on production process and product quality;

+ Lab. BP. CP. test procedure and analysis method;

+ Food factory and production line design method;

- Have numerical, analytical, and logical thinking skills;

- Be motivated, cooperative and have one-team mind;

- Have at least 1 year experience in food production.  


* Candidates who are interested and meet the above conditions, please send your CV and diploma (scan) via email: or fill in the "Recruitment" section to apply directly.

* CV must include personal details such as: 
- Full name
- Date of birth
- Photo
- Email address
- Phone number
- Permanence & Current address 
- Education (include: University, Major, Graduation year)
- History Experience and duties (if any)

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