Scientific Communication Specialist

With the mission of bringing the happiness and good health of Vietnamese people through food culture and food resources development, after 30 years, Ajinomoto Vietnam has always strived to provide diverse products of the highest quality and safety that suit the taste of Vietnamese consumers, besides creating a friendly and cooperative working environment in which individual values are appreciated. "We respect the humanity of all the people involved in the Ajinomoto Group’s business and hopefully become an organization where they can grow and develop their abilities to the fullest".

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1. Disseminating scientific information and knowledge to individuals/ agencies/ organizations in the scientific community, other subjects and Company employees:

  • Organize online & offline plant/office tours for scientific communication.
  • Directly communicate scientific information through communication channels of Public Relations Department for individuals and organizations
  • Compose and produce content used for scientific communication activities.
  • Maintain relationships with individuals and organizations for the above-mentioned scientific communication purposes.
  • Cooperate with agencies/organizations to communicate science to other influential people.

2. Communication activities on owned media (fan page, FB groups, Zalo):

  • Coordinate with the Science Department, Product Research and Development Department, and relevant authorities to develop and build the contents and menus of nutrition and health projects according to the plan of the Department.
  • Develop operating platforms (Software/Website) of the Project.
  • Develop plans and content for communication and training activities of the Project.
  • Report project activities to Line Manager monthly/yearly.

3. Implement and communicate projects to authorities, organizations related to the field of health nutrition, the community and Company employees:

  • Organize online & offline training sessions to deploy all Project contents to relevant subjects according to assigned plans.
  • Training and sharing with company employees on different contents (such as improvement, nutrition, and health care for employees) of monthly/yearly projects.
  • Arrange online & offline training schedules for potential sales organizations.

4. Other roles and responsibilities:

  • Implement communication activities to introduce Company products, especially MSG on forums and communities related to cooking, cuisine and nutrition.
  • Communicate and approach with KOLs and institutions in the network of relationships to sell Company products to institutions ‘canteens and their members in cooperation with Sales Dept., contributing to realize “Nationwide canteen project” and business support.
  • Support other activities as assigned by Line Manager (if any).


- Male/ Female from 22 to 27 years old;

- Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Biotechnology, Food technology or related majors;

- Be proficient in English (4 skills) and MS Office;

- Have good scientific knowledge in Biology, Food technology, Nutrition field;

- Have good presentation and social communication skills;

- Be confident and open-minded;

- Years of experience: Not required.


* Candidates who are interested and meet the above conditions, please send your CV and diploma (scan) via email: or fill in the "Recruitment" section to apply directly.

* CV must include personal details such as:

- Full name

- Date of birth

- Photo

- Email address

- Phone number

- Permanence & Current address

- Education (include: University, Major, Graduation year)

- History Experience and duties (if any)


* Only suitable candidates will be contacted.


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