Ajinomoto Accompanies the largest sporting event in Southeast Asia with pride and joyfulness

The opening ceremony of the 31st SEA Games in Vietnam took place spectacularly and impressively on May 12th night with a performance mixing technology, sound, light imbued with Vietnamese cultural identity and message to uphold the spirit of “For a Stronger Southeast Asia!”.


The opening ceremony of the SEA Games event on the evening of May 12, 2022 at My Dinh Stadium - Hanoi


Ajinomoto Co. becomes a main sponsor of the SEA Games, as previous events in Malaysia and the Philippines. At Ajinomoto Vietnam, we are very proud to be accompanying this largest sporting event in Southeast Asia. The images of Ajinomoto sponsoring the SEA Games are exposed widely on media and social networks, along with banners, billboards on the streets in Vietnam. AVN Sales staff are doing their daily jobs wearing SEA Games uniforms at wet markets and supermarkets while our sales trucks with SEA Games banners are running across the country helping to spread the image of Ajinomoto accompanying the SEA Games to customers and consumers. Most people feel very happy and appreciated to know that Ajinomoto not only provides food products for delicious meals but also contributes to the sports field with both physical and spiritual lives of the people.



Ajinomoto brand image appeared at SEA Games 31


On Facebook, most AVN employees simultaneously changed the avatar frame with the SEA Games’ message while others excitedly took a lot of photos showing the sporting spirits at factories. The internal contests, mini games about “SEA Games moments” are taking place with great excitement and so on. Hence, SEA Games really brings an amazing atmosphere and pride to all AVN members.


Mr. Sakakura – Executive Officer & Vice President –Ajinomoto Co., Mr. Kaneko – AVN’s General Director and other Ajinomoto Group members attended the opening ceremony, which was honored to have the participation of the Vietnamese President - Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc; Chairman and other members of the Government.


Besides attending activities at this sporting event, Mr. Sakakura visited the Ajinomoto Vietnam’s Representative Office in Hanoi, attended the Office tour and on-line cooking class, then he delivered a motivational message to AVN members on keeping efforts to promote communication to customers & consumers as our intangible assets, and to focus all of our resources on solving food and health issues, in order to realize the Ajinomoto Group’s vision with 2 outcomes by 2030, one of which is to help extend the healthy life expectancy of 1 billion people.





The representative of Ajinomoto Group, General Director of AVN and management members attending activities during the SEA Games


Mr. Sakakura - Executive Officer & Vice President – Ajinomoto Co. visited the supermarket which display Ajinomoto products