"Aji-Xốt" Roasted Sesame Sauce 


Introduced by Ajinomoto Vietnam in November 2023, "Aji-Xốt" Roasted Sesame Sauce is developed to cater to the Vietnamese taste, offering a delightful, harmonious, rich, and well-balanced taste. 

This sauce presents a perfect harmony between the attractive nutty flavor from roasted sesame and the delicate fusion of other ingredients such as mild sourness of rice vinegar, mouthfulness from soy sauce fermented quintessence. With "Aji-Xốt" Roasted Sesame Sauce, you'll not only relish the creamy & nutty of roasted sesame but also experience uniqueness and creativity in your daily meals. Suitable for both children and adults, it sets a new trend in culinary exploration. 

This product is fantastic when mixed with salads and vegetable dishes. Additionally, it serves as a delectable dip or topping for boiled, grilled, or fried dishes, making it a delightful addition to everyday family meals. 


The production process of "Aji-Xốt" Roasted Sesame Sauce 

To ensure the quality of the "Aji-Xốt" Roasted Sesame Sauce reaching consumers, Ajinomoto Vietnam meticulously selects ingredients from reputable suppliers, subjecting them to rigorous quality checks before integrating them into the production line. The final product undergoes thorough inspection by relevant food safety agencies before packaging and release into the market for consumers. 


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