Blendy® powder drink


The Blendy® powder drink currently includes Blendy® 3in1 and Blendy® 2in1 products. 


The Blendy® powdered drinks product offers you new experiences of delicious milk tea and fruit tea flavors, making it easy for you to enjoy a new aroma & taste at home or office which provides a relaxed and motivating moment in a busy life. 



Blendy®  3in1


The Blendy® 3in1 powder drink has three flavors: Blendy® Matcha Latte, Blendy® Royal Milk Tea, and Blendy® Matcha Genmai. Blendy® is made from all selective ingredients such as imported Matcha powder & Genmai from Japan,  tea leaves from Thai Nguyen,… 


We are constantly evolving to improve product quality for the consumer. Blendy® 3in1 with less sugar in the formula in line with the modern consumer's health-focused trends and lifestyles.


  • Blendy® Royal Milk Tea (Less sugar) has a delightful and mild taste of milk that gives a harmonized & specific taste of natural tea from Thai Nguyen. 

  • Blendy® Matcha Latte Tea (Less sugar) has soft milky sweet together with the matcha powder imported from Japan 

  • Blendy® Matcha Genmai (Less sugar) is a perfect combination of tea and the aroma of roasted rice (genmai) from Japan 

Blendy®  2in1


Besides the Blendy® 3in1, the newly launched Blendy® 2in1 is also popular with customers including 2 flavors Blendy® Peach Orange Lemongrass Tea and Blendy® Lychee Rose Tea. 


  • Blendy® Peach Orange Lemongrass Tea is an interesting combination of charming sweet and sour peach flavor with fresh orange flavor, blending with a specific lemongrass aroma that gives you an instant refreshing & thirst-quenching feelings.  

  • Blendy® Lychee Rose Tea is a unique combination of sweet and sour lychee flavor mixed with specific rose aroma to give you a feeling of relaxation. 

Both products have a naturally sweet taste coming from Stevia (*) with no calories. In addition, Blendy® Peach Orange Lemongrass Tea and Blendy® Rose Lychee Tea also contain fiber & vitamin C to support collagen creation. 


(*)Stevia is a natural sugar extracted from the leaves of a natural stevia plant called Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni, and this sugar contains no calories.    



The production process of Blendy®


The Blendy® powder drink product line always focused on the key ingredients, from the selection of fresh input ingredients to the carefully controlled pre-production in order to produce the most delicious products of the best quality. The Matcha powder and Roasted rice (genmai) imported directly from Japan, the dried tea leaves from Thai Nguyen, etc. are the typical key ingredients that make up the delicious aroma of the products.  

The unique key ingredients for each product will be mixed with other ingredients to make adhesives, which helps to increase the equality for the product. The mixture is then screened again to make Blendy® powder and packed into final products. The final product is quantified and packed into small sachets under a certain weight or boxes that are suitable for customers’ demand.  


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