Ajinomoto Fermented Rice Vinegar


Fermented Rice Vinegar of Ajinomoto Vietnam Co.,Ltd is naturally fermented applying to Japanese technological processes for a mild sour taste and mild aroma, which is an effective assistant to help chefs bring unique delicious flavors to each customer through many dishes, namely salads, pickles, sauces, ...



16 months from production date


Storage instructions:

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Close the cap after use. 

* Due to the essence of naturally fermented vinegar, some suspensions may appear during storage but they do not affect the quality of the product.


Instructions for use:

Blend to the right degree of acidity for your dishes.


Ajinomoto Fermented Rice Vinegar is available in 3 weight classes (SKUs) with the following packing manner:


  Net weight of bottle Packing manner


400ml x 20 bottles/case


2 4.9L

4.9L x 4 bottles/case



Rice is the main ingredients in LISA® Vinegar Production

Rice is the main ingredients in
Fermented Rice Vinegar Production















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