Ajinomoto Vinegar

Ajinomoto Vinegar is brewed naturally from 100% rice. During the fermentation process, the vinegar seed bacteria has listened to a chamber and classical music which creates high-quality Fermented Rice Vinegar with mild sweet-sour taste, rich flavor, and ensuring safety and health for consumers.

In addition, Ajinomoto Vinegar is produced with a special recipe for a dedicated restaurant channel. It’s a good choice for a professional chef to use in various dishes.



Ajinomoto Vinegar production

To produce high-quality Ajinomoto Vinegar, rice is carefully selected and examined for food hygiene and safety regulations before steamed and brewed.


During the fermentation process, vinegar seed bacterial and other ingredients are added then brewed in more than 2 months. The vinegar seed bacterial has listened to the chamber and classical music. According to Japanese experience, this can increase the fermented effect and produce a higher quality finished product.


The fermented mixture will be filtered and pasteurized to ensure food hygiene and safety before packaged and delivered to consumers.


Rice is the main ingredients in Ajinomoto Vinegar Production


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