Ready to eat Kho Quet


Introduced by Ajinomoto Vietnam in December 2023, Ready to eat Kho Quet is developed to cater to the Vietnamese taste. Product is made from selected ingredients with only 1 minute of re-heating, offering a convenient and best-fit Kho Quet. 

*Ready to eat Kho Quet with salt substitute ingredient Kali Cloride, contributes to “less salt consumption” - A healthy diet.  


Ready to eat Kho Quet presents a perfect and fulfilling harmony between pork meat, shrimp and the delicate fusion of fish sauce and chili. Hence, this convenient and best-fit Kho Quet ensures that nothing is left in the bowl, promoting healthy eating for the whole family. 


Comprehending the health concerns, especially less salt consumption, as well as recognizing the growing demand for convenience and taste diversification, Ready to eat Kho Quet brings unlimited experience in creating your daily menu and saving cooking time. Moreover, that is not only “burnt rice”, but also “dipped with boiled vegetables” and numerous other delicious dishes, thereby delightfully enhancing the well-being of every family. 



To ensure the quality of the Ready to eat Kho Quet reaching consumers, Ajinomoto Vietnam meticulously selects ingredients from reputable suppliers, subjecting them to rigorous quality checks before integrating them into the production line. The final product undergoes thorough inspection by relevant food safety agencies before packaging and release into the market for consumers. 


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