Aji-Quick® Crispy Flour

Aji-Quick® Crispy Flour product line of Ajinomoto Vietnam includes 2 products: Aji-Quick® Dry crispy flour and Aji-Quick® Wet crispy Flour. By using Aji-Quick® crispy flour, housewives can save more time to cook delicious dishes.

Especially, for fish and vegetables which children do not really like, using Aji-quick® crispy four. That helps kids enjoy eating fish and vegetables every day. Moreover, Aji-Quick® crispy flour can be used to cook chicken, meat, or prawn... to make a daily meal become more plentiful and nutritious.

Especially, Aji-Quick® crispy flour is a combination of needed ingredients. Therefore, Housewives can cook delicious frying dishes easily without adding any spice else.

The production process of Aji-Quick® crispy flour

To produce Aji-Quick® Crispy Flour, Ajinomoto Vietnam uses well-selected ingredients from reliable suppliers. All of them must be passed the strict quality control process before production.

The finished product will be checked for food hygiene and safety before packing and distributing to the market for consumers.


Aji-Quick® crispy flour application



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