Aji-Quick® Noodle Menu


The Aji-Quick® Noodle Menu, which is researched and developed by Ajinomoto Vietnam Company, currently includes 3 product lines: Aji-Quick® Pho Bo, Aji-Quick® Bun Bo Hue, and Aji-Quick® Bun Rieu Cua.


When it comes to Vietnamese cuisine, Beef noodle soup, Hue Beef Noodles and Crab Noodles are definitely popular dishes that everyone wants to try when coming to Vietnam. Each dish is made according to its own recipes of broth as well as spices, creating the unique flavor of each dish. However, preparing these dishes in the traditional manner at home is difficult for many people.

Understanding that, Ajinomoto Vietnam Company has researched and in turn launched the Aji-Quick® Noodle Menu product line to satisfy the needs and tastes of customers all over the country. The products include all the necessary ingredients, and just one step wedge anyone can easily prepare delicious dishes without wasting time as well as saving money when buying cooking ingredients.


  • Aji-Quick® Pho Bo: is a complete seasoning product with beef extract combined with 5 typical pho spices (ginger, cinnamon, anise, cloves, cardamom) and all the necessary ingredients to help housewives easily prepare delicious.

  • Aji-Quick® Bun Bo Hue: is a complete seasoning product with beef extract and ingredients that are balanced with a reasonable ratio to help housewives easily cook delicious Hue beef noodle soup along with a rich broth with a distinctive Hue flavor.

  • Aji-Quick® Bun Rieu Cua: is a complete seasoning product  that is fully marinated with necessary spices to help housewives save time in processing crab noodles. With just one step of seasoning, housewives can easily and quickly cook crab noodle soup with a delicious, resulting in a flavorful and rich broth with the distinctive taste of crab.


Product manufacturing process


In order to have a finished product that matches the needs of consumers, the Company uses carefully selected materials from reputable suppliers, undergoes strict quality checks before being put on the production line.


The final product will be inspected for food safety and hygiene before being packaged and delivered to the consumer.

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