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Established in 1991, Ajinomoto Vietnam Company has 100% foreign investment capital and is a member of Ajinomoto Corporation. 

We value all the values ​​of the employees who contribute to the growth of the Ajinomoto group and want to be a place where they can grow and develop their abilities at the highest level". Welcome to Our Company and become a member of the Ajinomoto family!


HR Policies



All employees of Ajinomoto Vietnam Company, regardless of their job, are the most valuable asset owned by Ajinomoto Company. It is this human resource that is the main force that makes Ajinomoto Company one of the leading food companies in Vietnam market over the past 29 years. Therefore, the Company always strives to build and strengthen its personnel policy to:


  • Increase employee motivation in daily work and contribute to the Company by building a transparent human resource management system.

  • Fair payment of workers' efforts.




Ajinomoto Vietnam has ambition to retain the employees for their long service in which the employees feel confident to decide to develop their career in the Company. The Company, consequently, is bearing the utmost responsibility for supporting the employees with benefit such as:

  • Competitive salary and allowances;

  • Bonus and gifts for employees on holidays such as Tet, etc.

  • Participate in all types of insurance under Vietnam Labor Law and 24/24 Personal Accident Insurance;

  • Periodic health examination;

  • Annual vacation;

  • Ajinomoto Family Day, strenthening solidarity & cooperation among employees;

  • Recognition/Appreciation Policy for long-term employees from 10 years of service and up;

  • Internal and external training programs, helping employees develop their own capabilities;

  • Other supports (meals, commuting, uniform, etc.).


Experience Japanese culture for you to be promoted to Senior positions of the Company


Motivation training for promoted employees.