Corporate Philosophy Structure of Ajinomoto Vietnam

Ajinomoto Vietnam - More than 30 years of companionship for Vietnamese life

Established in 1991, Ajinomoto Vietnam Company is a 100% foreign-invested company under Ajinomoto Group with an initial investment value of more than USD 8 million. Currently, Ajinomoto Vietnam has two representative offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, two factories in Bien Hoa operated since 1991, and Long Thanh operated since 2008. In addition, the Company has 3 distribution centers, 66 sales depots spread over 63 provinces and 298 sales teams nationwide with a total employee of nearly 2,300 people.

Corporate Philosophy Structure of Ajinomoto Vietnam

Ajinomoto Vietnam establishes a Corporate Philosophy Structure which emphasizes our Purpose is “Contributing to the well-being of Vietnamese people and society through providing quality products and valuable initiatives”.

The quality products

Deriving from AJI-NO-MOTO®, for over 30 years, AVN has always strived in research and development to provide a diverse portfolio of seasonings, food, beverages, and nutritionally supplemented products with high quality, safe, and suitable to the tastes and needs of Vietnamese people. In addition, the Company also provides other products for better nutrition & mental health of consumers in this busy modern lifestyle nowadays, as well as helping to increase mental benefits such as “relaxation” & “comfortable” and contributing to the well-being of consumers, such as “Blendy” or "Vtox".