Biological NPK(Bio-NPK) foliar fertilizer AJIFOL®-F


Nutrient content: 



  • Abundant and uniform flowering

  • Enhances pollination efficiency for the plant

  • Limit flowers and young fruits to fall off

  • Big, firm and nice fruits

  • Increase yield


Biological NPK(Bio-NPK) foliar fertilizer AJIFOL®-R


Nutrient content: 


Provides essential nutrients, including macro and micronutrients, and amino acids crucial for rice plants.:

  • Promotes strong root development and vibrant, healthy leaves.

  • Stimulates efficient branching.

  • Big, strong panicle

  • Enhances grain size, strength, and brightness.

  • Increase yield


Biological NPK(Bio-NPK) foliar fertilizer AJIFOL®-K


Nutrient content: 


  • Help plants firm and healthy, increase tolerance 

  • Increase flower blooms and fruits set.

  • Limit young fruits to fall off

  • Big, firm and nice fruit


Biological NPK(Bio-NPK) foliar fertilizer AJIFOL®-V


Nutrient content:



For tea plants:

  • Rapid recovery after harvest, producing many buds, large buds, thick and glossy leaves.

  • Limits shoot splitting 1-2 crops after harvest.

For vegetables:

  • Aids rapid and robust root development in young plants.

  • Promotes vigorous growth and development of the plant.

  • Thick and lush green leaves, rapid biomass production.

  • Abundant flowering, good pollination, yielding large, firm, and glossy fruits.


Micronutrient foliar fertilizer AJIFOL®-C


Nutrient content: 




Provides essential nutrients including macro, micro, and trace elements, as well as amino acids, to assist plants in:

  • Rapid leaf recovery after harvest.

  • Promoting abundant and synchronized flowering.

  • Increasing fruit set, limiting premature fruit drop.

  • Producing large and glossy fruits.

  • Increase yield.


Micro & Secondary nutrients potassium foliar fertilizer AJIFOL®-CaB


Nutrient content: 



AJIFOL-CaB with high effective Boron (Bo) and Calcium (Ca) content, provides timely and rapid response for crops, assisting plants to:

  • Produce abundant, concentrated, and evenly distributed flowering.

  • Enhance the pollination capability of the plant.

  • Restrict flower and premature fruit drop.

  • Yield large, firm, and attractive fruits.

  • Increase yield.