The ASV initiatives contribute to the well-being of Vietnamese people and society

What is ASV?

ASV stands for “Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value,” which is based on the expression “creating shared value,” or CSV for short. In addition to pursuing sales and profits, a company that practices CSV creates social value by addressing social issues and problems through its business activities, and, as a result, creates economic value as well.
We believe efforts to create social and economic value in this way are what ASV is all about, and that evolving ASV will lead to the realization of the Ajinomoto Group’s Purpose.



We firmly believe that such efforts to create economic and social value at the same time are ASV and Ajinomoto Vietnam's pursuit of valuable ASV initiatives is the way that we materialize the Purpose of Ajinomoto Group in general and Ajinomoto Vietnam in particular.


The ASV initiatives of Ajinomoto Vietnam

1.The initiatives to help reduce environmental impact
a) Reducing greenhouse gas emissions: 

  • Reducing CO2 emissions through operating Biomass boilers using biofuels (rice husk) instead of oil/gas fuels.
  • Maximize plant green space, using solar and wind energy as alternative energy sources. 


b) Reducing plastic waste: 

  • Reducing plastic consumption in factories.
  • Convert product packaging materials into recyclable packaging. 


c) Reduce food loss and waste: 

  • Reuse or recycle products/materials in the production process to reduce emissions to the environment.  
  • Diversifying the menu at the canteen with the desire to increase employee satisfaction that reducing leftovers and waste food.

d) Water conservation & wastewater treatment: 

  • Conserve water by operating the cooling tower system and reducing unnecessary water consumption in production.
  • Operate a modern wastewater treatment system by biological method with the quality of wastewater after treatment meets the standards of Vietnam's regulations and the strict standards of the Ajinomoto Group.



2.The initiatives to contribute to agriculture

  • Applying the "Bio-cycle" model in  MSG production with the aim of providing co-products like fertilizers,  feed material to help enhance agriculture and livestock productivity for farmers. 
  • Provide useful knowledge and techniques to farmers to improve crop productivity and agricultural development.

3. The initiatives to contribute to improving nutrition & health
3.1 Support to improve nutrition for Vietnamese people through projects in collaboration with state & social organizations such as:

  • The School Meal Project is to provide nutrition-balanced menus, enhance food nutrition knowledge for pupils, and standardize school kitchens with the aim of improving health and physical stature for the young Vietnamese generation.



  • Mother and Children project provides the Nutritionally Balanced Menus, Quick health monitoring tool, dietary and physical activities habit checking tool through Nutritionally Balanced Menu Development Software used for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers & children aged 7 months to 60 months”. The project is deployed nationwide for the health system and the community, contributing to taking care of health and nutrition for pregnant women and children in Vietnam.


  • The Vietnam Nutrition System Establishment Project supports to develop the   Nutrition Bachelor Courses in Vietnam's medical universities with the aim of cultivating nutrition specialists, who will work in health organizations; and establishing Vietnam’s nutrition system, providing long-term nutrition solutions that contribute to developing nutrition and health for Vietnamese people.


3.2 Provide knowledge about cuisine, nutrition, health, food safety, and hygiene to consumers through Mon Ngon Moi Ngay TV program, cooking classes, factory/office tour, conferences, seminars... across the country. 


Other social contribution activities

As an exemplary citizen of society, Beside conducting ASV initiatives in Vietnam, over the past 30 years, Ajinomoto Vietnam Company has also accompanied many meaningful social contribution activities such as awarding thousands of scholarships, hundreds of charity houses, building schools, public welfare works, giving Tet gifts to the poor, raising awareness of environmental protection for employees and local community such as the Clean up the Earth Together day, Mottainai campaign …and many other social activities.