Ajinomoto Vietnam has researched and introduced to the market the first locally produced Aji-mayo®, bringing new culinary experience and modernization to Vietnamese cuisines.

Aji-mayo® Regular and Aji-mayo® Sweet are produced from fresh chicken eggs under Japanese advanced production technology. It is conformable to the Vietnamese taste and flavor of both children and adults, creating a new trend in food enjoyment.

With the new double function cap, Aji-mayo® not only helps kids eat more vegetables but also decorates and enjoys the dishes with creativity in every daily meal.

In addition, Aji-mayo® Professional Sauce is conformable for restaurants to make sauces, bringing a delicious taste for various dishes.





Aji-mayo® from fresh egg

Aji-mayo® is created from fresh chicken eggs and other ingredients such as cooking oil, vinegar…under the strict selection and examination of quality. Especially, chicken eggs from suppliers are required with high standards such as clean egg, no spot, no crack, high yolk, solid white, and being through modern cleaning process by production.

To produce Aji-mayo®, the liquid egg is added with other ingredients then mixed, homogenized, and examined the food hygiene and safety before being packaged and delivered to consumers.



Fresh chicken eggs are the main ingredients of Aji-mayo® and  the packaging line of  Aji-mayo®

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