Healthy mother and children with nutrition- balanced meals

Many studies show that proper nutrition during pregnancy, childbirth, and lactation is the key to the mother's health and baby’s development. However, how to eat for the fetus to absorb nutrients, the mother's body to quickly recover and increase the quality of milk, and to help the baby develop comprehensively, is still a common question for many people.
With the “Nutrition-balanced Menu Development Software for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers & children aged 7 months to 60 months”, Vietnamese mothers don't have to worry about daily menus for the health and optimal development of their babies. The software was developed by Ajinomoto Vietnam Company in collaboration with the Department of Maternal and Child Health, with consultation, guidance, evaluation, and approval of the National Institute of Nutrition- Ministry of Health.

A nutrition-balanced lunch for pregnant women in the first three months prepared according to the software. 

The software provides a nutrition-balanced menu bank based on nutritional standards approved by the National Institute of Nutrition. The menu bank now includes over 1,300 dishes and will continue to grow in abundance, upto more than 2,500 dishes in the coming years. The software also allows users to build new nutrition- balanced menus by themselves, tailored to their conditions and preferences.
Besides, users can also use tools to monitor mother's and babies' health, check the current nutrition, along with health & nutrition consulting contents and other helpful information.


The menu bank with more than 1,300 dishes provides mothers with  many nutritional options for daily meals.

All the software’s menus are developed according to a systematic process for nearly three years, starting from studying culinary habits, defining standards and nutritional data, creating menus, calculating nutrition, cooking instructions, experimentation and completion. Prepare dishes are consulted by many culinary experts, ensuring mother and baby's tastes in all three areas: North, Central, and South.
To complete the menu, pregnant and nursing mothers are invited to participate in surveys, experiments, and comments. The software is currently provided for free at the website

Video - the “Nutrition-balanced Menu Development Software for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers & children aged 7 months to 60 months”.


Soon, with the advice, guidance, and professional support on the nutrition of the National Institute of Nutrition, the Department of Maternal and Child Health and Ajinomoto Vietnam Company will coordinate to deploy the software to medical staff that directly taking care of mothers and children at health facilities; pregnant women, nursing mothers, and those who care for mothers and children under five years old nationwide.
The software is considered one of the efforts to improve the nutritional status and health of Vietnamese mothers and children, meaningful content in the national strategy on nutrition for the period 2011-2020.