Umami is found in every world cuisine

Umami (“essence of deliciousness”) may be a Japanese word, but the taste is not limited to Japanese cuisine. You can find umami in foods prepared around the world.


Western seasonings, such as Worcestershire sauce and ketchup, are full of umami. The Marmite spread and Oxo soup stock that are popular in the UK provide plenty of umami, too. Italian cuisine is rich in umami thanks to tomato, parmesan cheese, anchovies and mushrooms. And so is Bouillon and Consommé in French cuisine. Dried meat, which plays a major role in Mexican and Peruvian cuisine, is a huge storehouse of glutamate, the key ingredient of umami.


In Asia, umami-rich ingredients abound. The fish sauce that is essential to Thai or Vietnamese cuisine or shrimp pastes served with Malaysian or Myanmar dishes are just a couple of examples. Oyster sauce, a thick and flavorful sauce is a popular ingredient in Vietnamese, Thai, and Cantonese cuisine. This sauce is full of umami, and gives any recipe it’s added to an extra flavor boost.


Savory umami flavor is enjoyed by people everywhere. So if you’re craving the taste of umami, there’s no need to search for sushi, tempura or ramen. There’s always plenty of umami within reach.