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The product line "Phu Si" by Ajinomoto Vietnam was first introduced in 2012. Up to the present time, this product line has developed and launched three main products on the market: "Phu Si" soy sauce,  "Phu Si" less salt soy sauce, and "Phu Si" traditional soy sauce.

Ajinomoto Vietnam always focuses on using the finest ingredients for its products. Therefore, for the "Phu Si" line, we use whole soybeans and rigorously inspected rice according to standardized processes before they enter the production process. Particularly, we also apply the kiage method - 100% natural fermentation for 3 months, following traditional Japanese technology. This process helps create "Phu Si" products with exceptional quality and distinctive flavors, aimed at satisfying consumers.



"Phu Si" soy sauce

The "Phu Si" soy sauce from Ajinomoto Vietnam has made a lasting impression on consumers since 2012. It's not just a simple seasoning product suitable for various dishes; it has also become a companion in almost every kitchen across the country for families


"Phu Si" Less salt 

Since October 2023, Ajinomoto Vietnam proudly introduced the reduced-salt version of "Phu Si" soy sauce. This is a new product with salt reduction technology while maintaining the delicious, harmonious, fragrant, and rich flavor consistent with the original "Phu Si" soy sauce.

The reduced-salt version of "Phu Si" soy sauce is an ideal choice for those concerned about health, notably reducing salt content by up to 30% (*) while preserving the sweet and mellow taste, thanks to the base ingredients of Kiage naturally fermented for over 3 months from whole soybeans and rice following traditional Japanese processes.

(*) The amount of added salt directly in the formula of this product has decreased by 30% compared to regular "Phu Si" soy sauce.


"Phu Si" Xi Dau

"Phu Si" Xi Dau is an excellent choice for all tastes, especially catering to the taste preferences of customers in the Northern region. Thanks to the fermentation process from selected soybeans and rice, "Phu Si" Xi Dau carries the rich taste of soybeans, a creamy texture, along with its characteristic harmonious blend. It is suitable for both simple vegetarian dishes like fried tofu and enhances the flavor of savory dishes such as boiled duck.

(*) The amount of added salt in the formula of "Phu Si" Xi Dau has been reduced by 19.5% compared to "Phu Si" soy sauce.



Production process


The success of Ajinomoto Vietnam's "Phú Sĩ" product line doesn't solely rely on careful ingredient selection but also on advanced manufacturing processes and technology. "Phú Sĩ" soy sauce, "Phu Si" Less salt , and "Phu Si" Xi Dau all utilize carefully selected whole soybeans and rice before being introduced into the production line to ensure the quality of the end product. What sets "Phú Sĩ" apart is the 100% natural fermentation process extended for 3 months, following the traditional Japanese method coupled with pasteurization. This process is the secret behind the rich taste and natural aroma of the soybeans.

The production process of "Phú Sĩ" isn't just about combining high-quality ingredients and natural fermentation technology; it's also our commitment to culinary finesse. Try it now and experience the unique qualities of the "Phú Sĩ" product line!



Soybeans are the main ingredient to produce "Phu Si"

      Rice is the main ingredient to produce "Phu Si"


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