"Phu Si" Products

The “Phu Si” product line of Ajinomoto Vietnam Company currently includes 2 products: "Phu Si" soy sauce and "Phu Si" traditional soy sauce which is focused on the North.

There are two very familiar sauces for Vietnamese people. We always mistakenly think these are two different sauce, but they only differ in the name in each region and the flavor of each.

Understand the different needs and tastes of consumers across regions. Ajinomoto Vietnam Company has launched two product lines of "Phu Si" soy sauce and "Phu Si" traditional soy sauce which is focused on the North. Ajinomoto Vietnam's "Phu Si" products are constantly researched and improved, and products are also manufactured by the company based on modern advanced technology from Japan, safe for users.

"Phu Si" Soy sauce:

The product "Phu Si" soy sauce of Ajinomoto Vietnam Company has been introduced to consumers as a dipping seasoning product, suitable for many types of dishes and always present in almost every daily meal of every family across the country. 


"Phu Si" traditional soy sauce:

Thanks to the fermentation process from selected soybeans and rice, "Phu Si" traditional soy sauce has a rich soy flavor, and a blend of juice, suitable for frugal vegetarian dishes such as fried beans and appetizers salty as boiled siamese duck, suitable for the taste of northern customers.




"Phu Si" Production Process

Both of Phu Si’s product lines use whole soybeans and rice that have been carefully selected before being put into the production line. Ajinomoto Company has used Kiage - a 100% natural fermentation method over 3 months according to traditional Japanese technology, combined with pasteurization to help retain the natural soy aroma. The difference between these 2 versions lines in the taste & smell. Unlike the normal soy sauce, traditional soy sauce which is focused on the North will be more suitable for the Northern taste thanks to the attractive aroma of soybeans, along with the rich Umami taste and characteristic fatty taste.


(*) The amount of added salt in the recipe of "Phu Si" traditional soy sauce  is reduced by 19.5% compared to "Phu Si" soy sauce.


Ajinomoto Vietnam Company has applied a salt-reducing formula to help the product have a suitable mild taste, good for the health of consumers as well as bring delicious and happy meals to every Vietnamese family. 


Soybeans are the main ingredient to produce "Phu Si"

      Rice is the main ingredient to produce "Phu Si"


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