Amino Acids for Better Sleep

Research by the Ajinomoto Group has shown that glycine, taken before bedtime, helps the body reach deep sleep more quickly. This is why glycine helps you fall asleep and improves sleep quality.


Good Sleep is about Both Quality and Quantity


Have you ever slept long enough but felt like you didn’t get enough sleep or were still tired afterward? While it is essential to get enough hours of sleep, the quality of your sleep is also important. Ajinomoto Group’s research shows that the amino acid glycine promotes good quality sleep so that you wake up in the morning refreshed, energized and ready to be active.


Wake Up in the Morning Refreshed


Fatigue Graph


Ajinomoto Group conducted a study on people who were unhappy with their daily sleep. One group took glycine before bed while the other group took a placebo. The level of their fatigue was measured the next morning. The group that took glycine woke up feeling refreshed the next day and indicated feeling less fatigued than the placebo group.








Work More Effectively during the Day!


Day DrowsinessIn another study on people who were unhappy with their daily sleep the study subjects were deprived of sleep. One group was given glycine and the other group given a placebo. Their work efficiency and drowsiness was studied the next day. The group that took glycine was less fatigued and drowsy the next day and its members were more efficient while working on a computer.





Reach Deep Sleep More Quickly


There are two types of sleep: REM sleep, which is more of a physical sleep, and non-REM sleep, which is more of a mental sleep. The deepest stage of non-REM sleep is called slow-wave sleep (SWS). During this important stage of sleep the body actively secretes growth hormone to heal muscles and skin. In one study a group was given glycine before bed while another group was given a placebo. The group that took glycine reached slow-wave sleep more quickly. This shows that taking glycine helps you reach deep sleep more quickly and increases your quantity of deeper sleep (stabilizes your sleep) to improve the quality of sleep.


Taking Glycine for Sleep


Taking Glycine to Lower Deep Body Temperature and Sleep Easier


Good quality sleep and our body temperature are closely related. During sleep our metabolism needs to be lowered to rest our brain and body. During good quality sleep our body increases the temperature of our hands and feet to lose heat. Our deep body temperature then gradually decreases. This gradual lowering of deep body temperature is critical for us to have good quality sleep. Studies show that if we take glycine before going to bed it raises the surface temperature of our feet. This helps us lose more body heat, which effectively lowers the deep body temperature.