Aji-Quick® Hotpot


In Vietnam, hot pot is always a favorite dish and the first choice in gatherings and festivals.

Understanding the need, Ajinomoto Vietnam Company has researched and developed the Aji-Quick® Hotpot with 2 flavors of Thai Hotpot and Kimchi Hotpot.


The modern system in the production line of Aji-Quick® Hotpot
















Aji-Quick® Thai Hotpot includes all the necessary spices for this hot pot such as Tamarind, Chili, Galangal, helping you to cook Thai Hotpot quickly and easily. Just mix a package of products into the water when cooking, you will have a pot of sour and spicy hot pot with the right flavor without having to add any other seasoning. 


Meanwhile, Aji-Quick® Kimchi Hotpot is a harmonious combination of all the necessary spices for Kimchi Hotpot. Just mix Aji-Quick® into the water when cooking, quickly and easily you will have a delicious Kim Chi Hotpot that has a harmonious sourness. No need to waste your time searching for too many typical spices for this hot pot, but you can still enjoy the warm atmosphere with delicious Kim Chi Hotpot like in a Korean restaurant at home at any time you want.


Storage instructions:
- Store in a dry, cool place
- Seal the mouth of the bag after each use.


Instructions for use:
50g (about 3 tablespoons) Aji-Quick® Thai Hotpot for 1.5 L of water. Can be used to cook spicy and sour dishes such as Thai hotpot/soup,  Thai spicy sour hot pot/soup,...


44g (1 bag of Aji-Quick® Kimchi Hotpot for 1.5L of water. You can add other ingredients such as pork, tofu, cabbage and mushrooms, cook until cooked and enjoy the meal.


Aji-Quick® Hotpot is available in weight grades (SKUs) with the following expiry and packing manner:



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