Ajinomoto Vietnam Announces New Corporate Philosophy Structure

More than 30 years since our establishment in 1991, besides business activities, our Company has persistently contributed to valuable initiatives that create social values with the aim of improving the well-being of Vietnamese people and society.

In order to affirm our pursuit of that sustainable principle, we have established a new Corporate Philosophy Structure based on the direction of the Ajinomoto Group. The Company is pleased to inform customers about the new Corporate Philosophy Structure as follows.
Starting from April 1, 2023, we are applying the new Corporate Philosophy Structure emphasizing Ajinomoto Vietnam's Purpose, which is: 
“Contributing to the well-being of Vietnamese people and society through providing quality products and valuable initiatives.” 


Although the Purpose has just been mentioned for the first time, we have always been working, dedicating and contributing exactly following this “Purpose” for more than 30 years. 
We have continuously endeavored to provide Vietnamese people with seasonings and food products for delicious meals and family bonding, and other products for better nutrition & mental health of consumers including products that provide “relaxation” & “comfortable” mental benefits and overall well-being of consumers.  

In addition, we have been constantly working to promote initiatives that bring better lives for present and future generations including: 


1. Initiative to reduce environmental impact 

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through increasing the use of renewable energy (solar energy, wind energy), operating a biomass boiler using biofuels to provide steam for production, replacing fuel oil and gas to help reduce CO2 emissions.



  • Reducing plastic waste: converting product packaging from multi-substance to recyclable single-use plastic packaging, reducing plastic consumption (reducing plastic bottles, single-use plastic bags...), sorting and collecting plastic waste…



  • Water conservation and wastewater treatment: investing in building a system of cooling towers and separate water reservoirs in the factory premises in order to use circulating water to cool the machinery system; invested in a modern wastewater treatment system of more than 100 billion VND, applying microbiological treatment technology to treat wastewater up to Vietnam's A standard and the rigorous standards of Ajinomoto Group.


2. Initiatives to contribute to agriculture productivity 

  • Developing fertilizer products and feed materials to help improve crop and livestock productivity


3. Initiatives to contribute to improving nutrition & health 

  • “School Meal Project” to improve nutrition for elementary school pupils 



  • “Mother and Children Project” to improve nutrition for mothers and children 



  • The Vietnam Nutrition System Establishment Project


With the aim of contributing to the well-being of Vietnamese people and society as mentioned in our Purpose, we look forward to receiving the trust and support from customers and partners for our production and business activities in order to spread quality products and valuable initiatives of Ajinomoto Vietnam to more and more Vietnamese people.