Let's have fun with Ajinomoto Pancake mix powder

From the middle of July 2016, Ajinomoto “Pancake mix powder” is launched into market with the pioneer spirit to bring consumers with the experience of self-making delicious pancake at home easily.






Pancake is an absolutely popular dish for Japanese kids. Pancake can be made in various forms and attracts people from not only Japan but also throughout the world. In recent years, pancake has been introduced to Vietnam and widely loved by kids and their parents. Nevertheless, it is truly not easy to make pancake at home, especially for women who are already busy with their daily routines.


From the understanding of consumers’ demand, Ajinomoto Vietnam Company has just launched the product “Pancake mix powder”, which is the complete powder containing necessary ingredients of flour, egg and milk to create delicious pancakes. Therefore, in just 3 minutes with a simple act of mixing the powder with water then frying on pan, 9 – 10 pancakes with the great flavor of egg and milk and the unique traditional taste are ready for the families to enjoy.


With the slogan “Let’s have fun with me to make delicious cake”, the product is an amazing choice for short break time or weekends, when mothers and kids enjoy time in the kitchen together to make pancakes with the appetizing yellow brown color, delicious flavor and soft texture for the whole family. The pancakes can be used along with a little of condensed milk, honey or sour and sweet strawberry jam on top for more interesting experience of each person’s taste.


The product is sold in all wet markets, stores, supermarkets nationwide with the Company’s suggested consumer price of only VND 9,000 for 100g SKU and 16,000 for 200g SKU.